Diving The Anchors & The Windjammer

Yep, we did it! Last Thursday Egbert and me dove the Anchors of Karpata. Great 200Ft dive. Carlo and Ingeborg made some pictures of our deco. The pictures are published @ the picture tab.

Friday was ‘ D-Day’! We went to The Windjammer. Egbert, Jenne, Karin, Shane, Fred and Jeff loved the Windjammer. Everybody did their deco real wel. Great to see! Egbert took his max. 130Ft camera housing. It survived! And now we have some nice pictures from our dive.  Take a look at his pictures on the picture tab.

Thanks Egbert, for the great dives we had. Also thanks to Karin, Jenne, Shane and Fred for the great dive. Also thanks to Benji (Caribbean Gas Training) for his support!!!!

Egbert & Jeff

Back in business !

SP_A0128 (Small)


I have some great news. This week I have 2 technical guided dives. One to the Anchors of Karpata and one to the Windjammer.

Egbert contact me about these dives, and now we’re in. I hope to present a couple of pictures before, during and after the dives. Egbert, say hi to our friends @ De Tuimelaar !!!