Jammen on the Windjammer

I just came back from the Windjammer. Today I had only Rob with me. Lucky he. The Jammer was still there!

We had a great dive. The viz was good, only the swim out was with a lot of waves. After founding the mast we start our descent. Still great there. Slowly the baby is growing bigger and bigger and then……..there she laying on 200 feet of water.

Thanks for the dive Rob, great job! Benji thanks for the support again!

Friday the 18th Paul and Tom made a reservation to dive the Windjammer. Sounds good. Edwin joints the dive to. Finally!

So far, so good!

Sorry guys, tomorrow I have to visit the Windjammer again. I take Rob with me. Only with the 2 of us. But it’s great to make that dive with Rob! Tonight I briefed him another time about the dive. Benji prepared the deco gasses for the dive.  We’re ready to go!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday Paul and Tom asked me to make a dive on the Windjammer. We agreed to make that one next friday, the 18th of September. Next week week we do the check dives first. That sounds great. Looking forward to that dive!!!! So guys, don’t get nervous now.

SDC16042 (Medium)