We have 3 TDI SDI Instructor Trainers / Certifiers on staff.

Jeff's 40's

Jeffrey Kempff


Astrid de Jager

Chris Verstappen

Additional cost to train at your location:

The flights and stay for 2 IT’s for the complete IDC and IEC.

The flight and stay for 1 IT for the Specialty Instructor (1 day per specialty), Crossover (2 days) or IEC (2 days).

Thefundiver will be offering an Instructor Online Training for this IDC, which allows candidates to save time and travel expenses by taking advantage of home-study methods. Afterwards you can start the IDC then, for completion of the program with Thefundiver’s Instructor Trainer.

Instructor Online Training is easy; ask us for a login code, then go to the SDI’s web site at, click on Online Training and follow instructions. If you buy a code online, the additional costs are on you.

See Leadership Training on the prices page. All rates are in U.S. Dollars